Automated Safety Features Reduce the Risk of Crashes

Blackwood car accident lawyer advocates for automated safety features.A new study by General Motors (GM) found that automatic safety features in automobiles significantly reduced crash rates. Rear-end collisions were reduced by 46 percent in vehicles with automatic emergency braking and reverse automatic braking reduced back-out collisions by 81 percent. Although the study dealt only with GM vehicles, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) came to a similar conclusion in a study released in July 2019, which included numerous manufacturers. The IIHS study found that automatic safety features reduced rear-end collisions by 50 percent, and reverse automatic braking reduced back-out crashes by 78 percent.

New Technology

This advanced safety technology is relatively new, and GM conducted its study by partnering with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). The study involved checking police crash data in 10 states, with GM providing 3.8 million Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) for cars made between 2013 and 2017.

Other Results

While the data concerning automatic emergency braking and reverse automatic braking were the most significant, they were not the only impressive results. According to the studies, forward collision warnings reduced front-to-rear crashes by 27 percent and injuries in such crashes by 20 percent, as well as lowered insurance claim rates by nine percent for damage to other vehicles and claim rates for injuries to other people by 16 percent.

A lane departure warning system reduced single vehicle, head-on crashes and sideswiping by 11 percent, and lowered injury rates in such crashes by 27 percent. Blind spot detection systems reduced lane change crashes by 14 percent and lowered injury rates in lane change crashes by 23 percent. High intensity discharge headlights reduced nighttime animal/pedestrian collisions by 21 percent, while the Intellibeam system reduced such crashes by 35 percent. The rear vision camera reduced backup collision by 21 percent.

Additional Costs

While automatic safety technology can reduce crashes and save lives, it comes at a financial cost. For example, such technology adds an extra $500 to $2,200 to Chevy cars. Such technology is standard for some automobile manufacturers, including Honda, Nissan, and Toyota.

According to the IIHS study, repairs to vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) cost more than repairs to cars without this equipment. That is because there are sensors in bumpers and other parts, so a fender bender might mean replacing the entire fender. For example, IIHS reports that in cases of forward collision warnings without autobrake, the average payment claim for damage rises by $104 for vehicles equipped with this technology. Buyers must determine whether the extra expense is worth the added safety.

Overbearing Alerts

There is a downside to ADAS; some drivers find the features annoying. While 23 percent of drivers surveyed found such alerts bothersome, what is more frightening is that 61 percent of drivers have disabled some of these alerts, at least on occasion. Since there is no way to predict when an accident will occur, that is a disturbing trend in what is otherwise good news about ADAS effectiveness.

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