PTSD After a Car Accident

Blackwood car accident lawyer fights for victims to develop PTSD after an accident.The trauma of a car accident can go beyond immediate physical injuries. A car crash can induce anxieties that prevent survivors from feeling safe on the road again. The psychological effects of such stress can cause a multitude of mental health symptoms. These psychological reactions, which result from perceived threats the sufferer associates with the traumatic experience of the car accident, are classic symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is a condition that was first diagnosed in soldiers returning from war. Soldiers who had experienced disturbing and terrifying situations returned home with symptoms that caused them to repress or respond to the stress in varying ways that affected their mental health. Since its first diagnosis, however, PTSD has been indicated as a result of stress-induced experiences in much more common scenarios. In fact, car accidents are the most common cause of recent PTSD diagnoses.


The lasting results of a traumatizing experience can manifest in a variety of ways. The symptoms for one PTSD sufferer can be very different from those of another, but there are common ways PTSD can impact a person’s life. A person who has experienced a distressing incident may attempt to avoid a similar situation in the future. For example, a car crash survivor may avoid driving on highways, at night, or at all. This self-constraining behavior restricts their full participation in activities they once enjoyed.

Exhibiting Hypervigilance

PTSD sufferers can exhibit hypervigilance, which causes an inability to relax in neutral environments and focus undue attention on unlikely scenarios that they envision could pose a potential threat. Being on high alert at all times is exhausting and can lead to unhealthy stress levels and harmful behaviors that perpetuate the damage from the original mental trauma.

Reliving the Trauma

Whether dreaming or wide awake, many PTSD sufferers find themselves reliving the trauma as their mind continues to replay the horror of the upsetting events. The disturbing events recur in the mind of the sufferer and continually invade their sense of peace.

Withdrawing Emotionally

Other PTSD sufferers simply check out. As a coping mechanism to deal with the shock and distress, some people avoid all talk of the event and disengage themselves from addressing any of the emotional fallout. These behaviors are closely related to depression and other serious mental health issues.

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