Who is Liable for a Car Accident Caused by Sun Glare?

Blackwood car accident lawyer at the Law Office of Mark S. Nathan if you have been hurt in a sun glare accident.It may sound strange to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim for a car accident caused by sun glare. However, many clients have worked with a car accident lawyer to successfully win damages in collisions due to this natural phenomenon. Sun glare occurs when the sun glints off the road or another object. The sun can glisten off anything from freshly fallen snow to a stop sign. Normally, sun glare is worse when the sun is setting or rising, although sun glare can happen at other times of the day. Several hundred sun glare collisions happen across the nation annually.

Even if drivers wear sunglasses and use their car’s visors, they can succumb to the effects of sun glare. This leaves them unable to see what is in front of them, or inadvertently cause an accident. Even the most diligent drivers with unblemished records have put on the brakes too late or missed stop signs.

Who is At Fault in a Sun Glare Accident?

A driver who causes a car accident because of sun glare is usually the one found at-fault. Even though the driver did not intend to cause the crash, the crash still happened. This means that any victims, such as the passengers or driver of other vehicles, can file claims with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. They may also decide to file a personal injury lawsuit if their expenses and damages are high.

Prevention Tips to Avoid Sun Glare Accidents

Drivers who want to avoid being involved in sun glare accidents can take several steps to lessen the likelihood of them hurting themselves or anyone else. They should consider driving when the sun is at the lowest point on the horizon. Though this may not be possible for all drivers, such as those who must commute to work, it can be a good start for others. Just 30 minutes can change the way the sun reflects off the road. Drivers who are traveling early in the morning or as the sun sets should anticipate sun glare. Not only should they use visors and wear good sunglasses, but they should drive defensively, especially in places they do not know well.

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