Parking Lot Slip and Falls

Turnersville personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Mark S. Nathan fight for your rights in a parking lot slip & fall case.Injuries happen every day involving slip and fall accidents in walkways and parking lots, creating liability issues for property owners. The concept of premises liability law establishes that the property owner is responsible for keeping their property free of hazards that could result in an injury. In this vein, the property owner is considered liable for any injury sustained due to their negligent upkeep of the property. This means that someone injured in a slip and fall accident can sue a negligent property owner for damages.

Safety First Materials

From conceptualization to implementation to maintenance, the materials used in parking lots and surrounding walkways have the potential to cause injuries to those navigating the terrain. When designing parking areas and walkway access, property owners must consider safety and function above style. A beautiful stone walkway may look nice, but designers should never sacrifice safety to achieve an artistic vision.

Using ground or walkway materials that are smooth or slick could create a slip and fall hazard. Walking surfaces should provide adequate traction, especially outdoors where wet ground is likely. Materials should provide drainage and should be made of porous materials that resist puddling.

Ground Maintenance

The property owner’s job of protecting themselves against liability does not end once the outdoor areas are built. Poor property maintenance is an extremely common cause of slip and fall injuries. Ground areas with cracks, holes, or uneven surfaces become dangerous for people if they are not remedied quickly and completely. A poor patch job may address the initial problem, but it can still present a danger of its own.

Lighting Issues

Walking in poorly lit parking lots or walkways can be a real danger. Poor lighting can compound the risk of ground conditions that daytime visibility would mitigate. In the dark, even a minor walkway obstruction, such as a small rock, could cause a person to trip or twist their ankle.

Weather Hazards

Outdoor conditions often present a risk of injury for people navigating wet or slippery terrain. Property owners have a responsibility to keep snow and ice from posing a slip and fall hazard. Melting ice and snow can cause runoff that poses a risk. While low temperatures that cause surfaces to freeze present winter-related problems, wetness on the ground causes problems in all types of weather. In addition to cold-weather hazards, lawn sprinklers and hoses can cause hazards during the warmer months as well. Puddles and slippery surfaces should be avoided year-round.

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