What are Common Types of Car Accident Injuries?

Blackwood car accident lawyers recover damages for injured car accident victims.Car accidents occur every day. Though every crash has its own unique elements, the same types of injuries tend to appear among drivers and passengers. While some traumas last longer than others, all of them require some form of medical attention, which can become expensive. Medical bills can pile up due to treatment visits, surgery, x-rays, blood work, MRIs, pharmaceuticals, physical and occupational therapy, and even psychotherapy, when necessary. The following are the most common types of car accident injuries frequently experienced by victims.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Any intense or sudden strain or stress to muscles or other soft tissues can lead to problems, including torn muscles and back pain. However, whiplash might be the most talked about soft tissue injury because it has become synonymous with car accidents. During a whiplash event, the soft tissues in the neck are jarred violently as the head moves back and forth in response to the force of impact. Whiplash can be a mild event or cause an issue that takes months or years to resolve.

Broken Bones

The body can only handle a certain amount of force. Even a slow speed collision can cause enough force to break a bone. Ribs often suffer the most damage. However, any bone can be hurt during a car accident. Leg and arm bones, and even vertebrae can be crushed or broken. Waiting for a bone to heal takes time and may make professional life difficult. When a victim has numerous broken bones, the healing process may include surgeries and countless therapy sessions.

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Head Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) or any type of head injury can be a devastating diagnosis for car accident victims. Even a concussion can foster ongoing problems, including memory loss and consistent headaches. Many people who have TBIs or head injuries lose the ability to work either temporarily or permanently. Depending upon the seriousness of their injuries, they may be permanently disabled.

Internal Bleeding

Emergency medical responders who arrive at car accident scenes often check victims for signs of internal bleeding. If they suspect internal bleeding, the individual may require transportation to a nearby medical facility for immediate surgery. Internal bleeding does not always lead to fatalities, but it is an extremely serious possibility after a car accident.

Emotional Distress

Although it is impossible to see emotional distress, it can cause far-reaching problems for the victim. Issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, are well-documented among drivers and passengers, even if they did not receive any significant bodily damage during the crash. Emotional distress can linger for years after a vehicular accident, as in the case of post-accident guilt that robs a victim of enjoyment.

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