Ignoring Car Recalls

Blackwood car accident lawyer advocates for clients injured due to ignored car recalls.It can be tempting to ignore car recalls. However, not taking car recalls seriously can lead to problems and the potential for serious injury or even death. A car recall is an official announcement about a certain part of the car that has been deemed defective. For instance, the defect may have been detected in a certain model of a car. On the other hand, the defect and recall might relate to a component used in many cars. Defects run the gamut from downright dangerous to simply annoying. Yet, they should never take a backseat in a car owner’s mind.

Consumer Protection in Action

Responding to a car recall is the right thing to do because it protects the consumer both financially and physically. Consumers have the right to drive a car that does not have any defects. They also have a right to remediate any defects, such as having a different airbag reinstalled.

How Consumers Find Out About Car Recalls

Car owners do not always find out about a car recall. Those who do may receive notification of a car recall in the mail if they are known buyers. These letters are often sent on bright, neon-colored paper to stand out against all other mail pieces. If these letters get lost in the mail, consumers who own cars should occasionally check the web for information on car and equipment recalls related to the make and model of their vehicle.

What to Do If a Car Has Been Recalled

People who own a vehicle that falls under a car recall can take the vehicle to an authorized dealer to remedy the situation. The consumer should not have to pay anything out of pocket to remedy the car. If a consumer does not take the necessary steps to remedy the defect, they may still be able to sue if an accident occurs.

What If a Recalled Vehicle Crashes?

If a car accident is caused by a defect, the manufacturer, seller, or distributor of the defective element may share fault. Consumers in this situation may want to retain the services of a knowledgeable attorney to help them recover damages.

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