What If My Uber/Lyft Driver is in a Car Accident?

Blackwood car accident lawyer can help with your Uber/Lyft accident claim.The prevalence and convenience of ridesharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, have changed the transportation landscape. It seems like everyone has come to depend on for-hire drivers to get them from point A to point B safely. However, what happens when the driver you designated to be your responsible ride gets into an accident? Who is liable for the injuries you suffered in the incident? Just as it is in any typical car accident, the answer depends on who is at-fault.

What If the Other Driver is At-Fault?

If the accident clearly occurred as a result of the actions of the driver in the other car, then your claim would likely go through that driver’s insurance. Alternately, you might have to file a personal injury claim against the other driver. If the avenues of recovery from the other driver dry up, Uber and Lyft have provisions to account for that.

If the cost or compensation for your injuries exceed the cap on the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage, or the driver does not have insurance at all, you may be able to obtain further compensation from uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

What If My Driver is At-Fault?

The for-hire driver’s personal insurance may have a provision of coverage for your claim. However, it is possible that the driver’s personal insurance explicitly denies business-use claims, meaning that the driver’s insurance will not apply if the driver is operating the car as part of a for-profit business venture.

While Uber and Lyft require their drivers to carry liability insurance on the cars they use to transport paying passengers, they also have a back-up. Fortunately, both ride-for-hire companies carry third-party liability insurance of $1 million to cover any injuries or property damage that result from an accident caused by one of their drivers.

How Can I Pursue My Claim?

If your ride-share driver is at-fault, Uber and Lyft have policies in place for how injury claims are handled. They have ample insurance to cover your claim. Seeking the counsel of an experienced car accident lawyer is vital. Trying to handle a claim yourself is difficult. Proving injuries, understanding the value of your case and negotiating with insurance companies and their attorneys is complicated.

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